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Nothing complicated, just good tea

Atulea was founded by a husband and wife team—Vince and Kathy. The couple met in college in Syracuse NY, where Vince studied economics/mathematics and Kathy studied landscape architecture. After graduation and followed by a few years working in big corporates, Vince and Kathy both felt tired of the 9-6 lifestyle and decided to shift path to do something they are truly passionate about. They are both tea lovers, Kathy loves traditional teas and Vince loves milk teas, but it’s not until after trying matcha in an NYC tea shop they decided to open their own.


Vince and Kathy pictured a small, local, cute, and welcoming shop, where one can go grab a caffeinated drink and a snack on a busy day, go meet friends before class or after work for a quick life update, or simply go hang out and chill. Oh, and all activities would certainly be accompanied by really good authentic teas, not artificially-flavored powders. To be genuine and pure is the meaning behind ‘atulea’, and it’s the one philosophy the co-founders live by. 

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